I'm Back!!!

I know, I know, it's been too long and I haven't posted AT ALL this year, but got caught up with work and home issues.

For starters, the new job is going along very well. It's a little challenging, but for the most part it is OK. The company is very very good and most of the people there are cool to hang around. (I say most because there's always a few.) In fact we have an all staff meeting on tomorrow, and we've been told to wear business casual attire. On top of that the CEO of the parent company that I work for resigned today. This should be interesting.

Jerome and I are doing ok. We have bumps in the road like any couple, but for the most part we're doing OK. Because I can't add him to my lease nor give him keys to my apartment due to community restrictions, we decided that for the time being he'd get his own apartment and that after my lease runs out, we'll get somewhere together. I hate that decision, but I know that it's for the greater good...for all concerned. Plus I don't want to piss off the building manager, because this upcoming summer I will be hitting her up for an air conditioner. :)

In about two weeks I'll be heading to my "second home", which is Washington DC, where I'll be taking a certification exam at the home office, then staying for the weekend. As much as I am out there (and will be out there, primarily for work), I guess I can declare DC my "second home", officially. I love DC, even though I had some issues the last time I was out there with some people, but for the most part they've all been worked out.

I promise to write more often.

More later.


That Dude Right There said...

Maybe it's a sign that you too can't live together. Something is trying to tell you to take your time.

Anonymous said...

Well, come back and post.