A follow up to my last entry

Well my manager and I had a meeting today (I called this one) and we hammered some stuff out. Basically now we have an understanding. The understanding is that as long as they don't bring bullshit to me, I'll do my best. The minute the bullshit comes back is when I go to HR. Needless to say management doesn't want me to go that route so they agreed to let me do my job.

So I've started hitting the gym even harder. I'm now going 3-4 times a week working on abs, biceps, triceps and every-other-type-of-ceps you can think of. When I signed up for the gym membership 2 months ago, my waist size had ballooned to a 34, up from a 32. I got the waist back down to a 32 and developed a nice chest and nice arms (as I've been told). Nice work for the $59 a month I'm paying....

...especially since I'm going on my first cruise for my birthday in June! My ship leaves from Miami on June 1st, and at midnight on June 2nd the ship will be on international waters, so yes, I will be VERY fucked up! I've already said that I'll be on the top deck of the ship with a glass of champagne in my hand, surrounded by friends and having an excellent time. Gotta do it right for my 30th birthday, right?


Pamalicious said...

Ha! I'll be cruising beginning April 1st and I'll be exactly in the condition you are going to be in June.

My birthday is June 4th - so I think I'll just join you in a drink on GP - us Gemini's gotta stick together :)

Have Fun!

That Dude Right There said...

Ballooned to a 34? Tim, I had to laugh at that one. Some folks would want to slap you for thinking that you "ballooned" to 34. LOL

Tim said...

I used to be a 30. THIRTY.