A Lot of Stuff Packed Into One Entry

Well I got a lot of things going on in this entry, so let me get started...

First, work hasn't gotton any better. In fact, my manager and I had a discussion yesterday over a lot of stupid shit:

- It was reported to her that I've been coming in late, even though I've been reporting on my timesheet that I've been coming in on time, but she couldn't/wouldn't get into any specifics. So now according to individuals that aren't even in our department, and that don't even know me, I'm lying on my timesheet, which is a serious offense. I told her to pull my Kastle Security Card detail if she EVER had any doubt about my time.

- It was reported to her that when I go to the restroom I'm gone for 10-15 minutes. So now it seems like I have a time limit for going to the restroom. I told her that I'm not going to rush for her or anyone, and that if it takes me 10-15 minutes to use the restroom, then it is going to take 10-15 minutes.
- It was reported to her that there are times that I pull myself out of the incoming call queue and go off and do other things. So according to her, I make my own rules and don't think about anybody but myself. Let us not forget that I've received THE MOST THANK YOU NOTES from customers in the shortest period of time - but I'm only thinking about myself.

There's more but I'm not going to get into everything, as that will take up my entire entry. Needless to say, my resume is going out, because there's a difference between "constructive criticism" (as my manager called it) and NITPICKING.

Moving on.....My baby and I went to the Auto Show tonight, and saw some HOT CARS, especially the new car that Lincoln is coming out with. See the pictures and YOU be the judge!

This car is supposed to come out in 2008!

Finally....I went to Washington, DC recently, and took my certification test for my job. While I was there I hooked up with some friends and we had a good time. Yes, on my last night of being there, I got totally drunk and flirted with a lesbian stud on the train (this is after 3 apple martinis and a long island), but I had a good time.

This comes after I had to raise hell with the hotel because they put me in a room where the lock didn't work, and they upgraded me to a suite, complete with big screen flat screen TV. Needless to say I thought I was on top of the world - even if it was only for one day.

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