They workin my nerves!!!

I know every job has its ups and downs, but it seems that at this new job I'm being picked on for no apparent reason. Let's take for instance the fact that I'm the ONLY male in the entire department...and I've already let my intentions known: come to work, make the CUSTOMERS (not the women) happy, collect a paycheck and go home. Apparently some of these women...including management...have other ideas.

Yesterday I had a very difficult customer call me requesting information that we are not permitted to give out over the phone. I tried to explain to him that we can't, I wouldn't, and the reasons why. When he asked for a manager, I told him in a calm way that she would say the same thing and that it would be a waste of time. He insisted. I transferred him. And then here comes my manager tapping me on the shoulder saying "I'm taking you off the phones for a few minutes...you need a time out". WHEN THE HELL DID WE GET BACK TO KINDERGARTEN? TIME OUT??? It burns me up when I have a situation handled and all of a sudden they make it seem like I'M doing something wrong. Not one time did I get upset, yell, scream, or anything at this customer. But I need a time-out. WHATEVER.

Then...there was the co-worker that snapped at me for no apparent reason while I was sitting at my desk minding my business. (Yes, another female!) So I walked away and had a "chat" with my manager. She said she would speak to the co-worker, which she did. But when she pulled me back into her office, she told me that I (yes, I) need to try a different approach. TO WHAT? FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT PROCEDURE???

With all that being said, I'm doing some wrong stuff right? Well not according to these customers who were kind enough to send e-mails to my manager about me. Here's a couple of them:

"Rules and processes are a wonderful thing. As a Human Resources professional, I am the first to point out why they are in effect. Because they ensure consistency, compliance, and accuracy....rules need to be followed. Those who know me can tell you how I am a STICKLER for the rules!

Imagine my shock when I tried to order the tests last week, and was told that I was not actually certified. I took my Food Safety and Train-the-Trainer classes last spring, and we have been planning our first class for two months. I panicked when I learned that it may take 5-6 days to "officially" certify me, and another 16 days to get the tests!

That just wouldn't do for me this time. My class is THIS Monday 2/5 and the test is 2/12.

That's when you came in. I am very thankful that YOU answered my phone call. You clearly explained the process and realized that lecturing me about my oversight was not going to get me anywhere. Your "rules" didn't work for our game plan. You remained calm, walked me through the process, and gave me confidence that you would work with me to "make it happen". Your e-mail yesterday confirming my certification and the follow-up phone call earlier this afternoon that my tests would go out Monday will allow me to breathe a sigh of relief.

Thanks again for your assistance and for being so accommodating. I hope you won't mind me using this example as I teach my future customer service classes! (Of course, I would be the "problem" customer and you are the customer service hero!)

I hope you have a GREAT weekend!
Sara Williams"

"Thank you so much for your prompt attention. The next time I am in your facility, I will personally thank you.
Helena Barton"

And that's just TWO of the many messages I (and management) have received. But I'm doing something wrong. That's OK. I printed each and every letter, forwarded it to my private e-mail, and will be taking them along with my resume to search for another job. Anytime you're in an environment where folks have it in for you and make you the culprit for stuff, it's time to look for another job.

More later.


Anonymous said...

That is where you are wrong. Running from confrontation to another job without standing and correcting issues only causes a trail of blood you wish not to make.

Tim said...

Captain, I understand what you're saying, but in my last position I faced confrontation and it cost me my job.

I won't allow that again.

Anonymous said...

Not every confrontation merits the same tatic. I learned a lot from Captain Janeway about that! LOL

Tim said...

C, one day we'll sit down and talk more about this.

Anonymous said...

You should know where to find me...keep your ears to the ground.

That Dude Right There said...

Tim, I really think that you and I have the same issue with jobs. We are both people with storng personalities that don't want to take shit from anyone. But sometimes you have to have some patience and see what's in store for you. I say to stay and give it more time.

jerrster said...

I'm new here Tim...but I'm listening.