Craziness In The City On A Saturday Night

Last night at the advise of one of my friends from Puerto Rico, I went out and experienced a Saturday night in the big city. The weather was nice and the people were definitely out! I started out at Hydrate (a club) on the north side of the city. It wasn't as crowded and I quickly became bored, so I took the Red Line further north to Jackhammer (another bar) and stayed there longer than I expected because I was having so much fun.

Here's where the craziness begins.

Coming back home on the Red Line, at about 1:30 in the morning, it all started with a group of very loud and obnoxious drunk caucasian men getting on the train at the Addison station. They got so loud and obnoxious that people started moving from the area where they were sitting to the area where I was sitting towards the front of the train car. They kept this up until we reached the Fullerton station two stops later, where this homeless guy gets on the train followed by another caucasian man who was pleading with him to not smoke on the train (which is illegal everywhere I believe). I got a picture of the homeless man (and of one of the obnoxious caucasian men) with my camera phone:
This guy was so out of his mind that someone gave him a dollar because they felt sorry for him I guess. He looked at that dollar and said "What the hell am I supposed to do with a dollar" and gave it back to him. All of the caucasian men started laughing, and at that point I had enough. When the train pulled into the Chicago avenue station I got off and quickly switched cars....
... only to watch two crackheads on the train snorting coke. Yes, ON THE TRAIN SNORTING COKE IN PLAIN VIEW. Now being reminded why I stopped going out on Saturday nights, I just wanted to get home, but not before the scariest moment happened.
At the Lake street station, this black girl gets on the train (who looked as if she had been crying by the way) with this Puerto Rican guy, and (of course) another homeless man. The Puerto Rican and the girl sit together in front of me and the homeless guy starts asking people if they had a solid dollar for four quarters. (Why do people do that anyway?) He gets to the girl and asks, but the Puerto Rican answers for her saying "she ain't got it". The homeless guy said "I was asking HER" and the Puerto Rican said "but she's with me". Words got exchanged, and the next thing I know, the Puerto Rican is standing up taking off his jacket getting ready to fight with this homeless guy on the train! The girl tried to calm him down but to no avail, and seeing as this was an emergency (for any CTA people that may be reading this), I ran through the emergency door into the first car, notified the operator of the fight, and got the hell off the train at the Roosevelt station.
Keep in mind all of these things happened within TWENTY MINUTES.
Yes, I won't be riding the CTA trains late at night anytime soon anymore. I'll stick with cabs.


That Dude Right There said...

And you didn't drive because...

Steve said...

Hey, Dude. Nobody drives in Chicago - it's much easier to ride the train.

I remember when the trains were all like this and much worse. The one guy in your first photo, by the way, has ridden the red line for years. I've seen him many times, and recognized him instantly.

The trains got kind of cleaned up for a while. Sorry to hear they are going backwards.

I mean, as long as you don't feel unsafe, I always looked at this stuff like an anthropologist, just taking it in, observing how humans behave in captivity. What I don't have much time for, however, is people (usually white dudes from the lincoln park/De Paul area, or suburbanites on a lark in the big city) - people who give homeless people a hard time. Even if I find them annoying, intrusive, and difficult, I try always to be respectful to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic condition.

Anyway, seeing your post gave me an opportunity to reminisce a bit.

Thank you.