Let Me Tell You About Fags (Or Why I Don't Go Out With Anybody)

I can't stand individuals that try to pull some faggity late ass bullshit.

Tonight, with a little relunctance, I went out with one of my neighbors and one of his friends to The Baton (a lounge here in Chi-town). I printed out a 2-for-1 coupon, which would allow me to avoid the $10 cover charge. Long story short, at the end of the evening it was time to pay the bar bill....for 3 of us it came to $52.50. All I had was a credit card and stated that I would pay for what I drunk (which came to about $9.00). Instead both individuals turned on me and said "oh no, we're all paying 3-ways". This agreement was NOT explained to me before or during our excursion to The Baton. In a sense, I paid $17 more for drinks than I should have (I ended up paying $20), and was definitely NOT pleased about that.

Lesson learned: Either (1) don't go out with anybody, or (2) communicate how drinks, food, transportation, etc will be handled, and then DON'T GO. Chances are, people that are your so-called friends will end up stabbing you in the back and trying to rob you anyway.


Cocoa Rican said...

Well…I have to tell you that you guys get off real cheap in Chi-town to drink all night and have a personal tab of $9. Here in NYC we would have been elated to cough-up the $20. That said (and no condescension or shad intended) but if spending $20 to hang-out with friends puts a crimp on your night, then maybe you should chill out at home. I realize that everyone isn’t rolling in dough, but on the real, I get a little irritated when my friends want to piece-meal and breakdown a tab like – I only had the fries and the water – it’s insane. We need to learn to go out, have a great time (eat and drink what you will) and split the bill evenly. If you’re an anorexic, recovering alcoholic, etc., you just need to find friends with the same eating and drinking habits so splitting the tab won’t seem like an injustice. Now smile, breathe and take it on the chin pa. It’s suppose to be a good time… we have all week to deal with places and folks we really wish we didn’t have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Just get separate tabs next time or separate checks. No confusion. But you're right, I wouldn't want to hang out with people like that. They sound devious. *smirk*

Anonymous said...

You got the money...stop playing

Anonymous said...

Tim, this is Jason..hit me up on YIM I been tryin to find u
Luv ya

Dynasty said...

It's not as dramatic as you're making it sound. Next time stand up for yourself and refuse to pay for their drinks. They can't do anything but respect it. Why should you HAVE TO pay more than what you drank. Only time a split is convienent (sp) is when EVERYONE has had a equal share...give or take a few bucks.