Talk About Blunt!

Last Thursday night me and a buddy were at Gentry downtown on State Street having a couple of drinks after another hellish day at work (which I won't even get into right now). While we're in the middle of our conversation, this gentleman (sorry for the bad pic):

decided he was going to sneak up behind me and slap me on my back! I turned around and said "what the fuck...?" when he apologized and sat down next to both of us and just began having a conversation with us. It was ok for about the first three minutes, but then it turned...very quickly. He began complimenting me on how attractive I was and how attractive my eyes were (we're in a somewhat dark bar; how can you see the texture of my eyes?) at which point I told him that I was with someone (my baby was in class at the time) and that I could not and would not indulge him. He understood...until five minutes later he asked me the question:

Would I like for him to give me a blowjob?

At this point me and my friend decide to move to the sofas near the entrance to the bar. So we get up and move. Fifteen minutes later, here he comes again! Only this time he got his jacket out of the coat check, and sat on the sofas across from us, just watching. That's when I snapped the above picture, but he didn't seem to notice. As soon as my friend got up to meet his brother at the door, the man got up, walked over to me, and asked me:

Would you like to go home with me?

I told him at that point that I was not, and that he needed to leave then. The man complied, only to walk outside, cross the street, cross the street again and come back into the bar to have another drink! By this time my baby had arrived from class and seeing as my baby is a little bigger than him, the man left us alone.

Talk about a wild night!

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That Dude Right There said...

I've had white men to do that to me before. They seem to think that you should want them because your are Black and they are white. I just tell them that I don't like white men and they get so mad that they leave me alone.

Or tell them that you only date cute white men. That has worked also.