Something I Thought I'd Never Do...and a Day At The Ballpark

Well today me and Jerome went out to enjoy a day at US Cellular Field, home of my favorite team, the CHICAGO WHITE SOX!!!!

We had a really good time. The beer was flowing, the hot dogs and pizza were off the chain, and the temperature was...well....COLD AS HELL. At game time (2:55pm) it was THIRTY DEGREES. Yes, you heard me correctly, THIRTY DEGREES. It was so cold out that you were guaranteed to freeze if you didn't have either a hot chocolate or a beer! Now, keep in mind that it was THIRTY DEGREES out, when we saw the craziest thing:

In addition, I did something today I thought I'd never do. I went out and purchased something that I thought I never would, simply because I've said for the longest that I would never get this piece of merchandise:

An IPod. An IPod Nano to be exact. Now I'm a part of the "IPod Civilization".

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That Dude Right There said...

I will NEVER buy an Ipod!!!! Never!!!!!!!!!! But if someone were nice enough to get one for me...