Why Are You Sweatin Me?

There are two people out there that get the "get off my dick" award for constantly sweatin me, even after THEY have told ME to stop contacting THEM, and I have complied with their requests. Why is it that people tell you to leave them alone, you comply, forget about them, and weeks, sometimes months later, here they come contacting YOU?

Let me give you these two stories.

First one's name is Randy. Lives in the city, loves to play all types of games, you know the types of games where you want to hang out with this individual in good faith, they agree, and then they either (a) don't show up or (b) have an excuse to want to cancel in the 11th hour - EACH AND EVERY TIME. Now Randy sent me a text message about a month ago saying "don't contact me anymore", simply because I told him he was full of shit and hadn't changed and will not ever change. I removed his number from my cell phone, took his text and e-mail addresses out of my phone book and forgot all about him....until he sent me a text message about 3 weeks later. I just so happened to be out with Jerome on this day when he sent the message, which I ignored. Four more messages followed, all of which I ignored, and then the phone call came in. I answered the phone and reminded him that we weren't speaking because of HIS request, and hung the phone up again. That stopped the calls and text messages...until last week. Again, I reminded him, a little more sternly, that we weren't speaking because of HIS request. He then said that it was more important to me to remain angry at him than to be his friend.


This is the SAME PERSON that told ME not to contact him! Someone please tell me how is that being a "friend"? I'm only a friend to him when he wants some dick, that's what it is. And now that I'm in a relationship with someone, here he comes knocking thinking that I'm going to give him some. Sorry Randy, but that shop is closed. Get the fuck off of my dick!

And now on to the second person.
His name is Corey and he lives in the city too. (Notice how all of these fools live in the city of Chicago?) Same circumstances, except he doesn't text message. He calls, and calls, and calls. Today he's already called twice, and both times he's left a voicemail. The second message I didn't even bother listening all the way through because he is a little boy that needs to get off of my dick too.

It's just funny to me that the warm weather is approaching and people that have basically told me to go to hell are now the same ones flocking to me. I guess what the Bible says is true: "He will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies".

Well enemies, you all had your chance. When I was nice to you and did stuff for you, you didn't appreciate it. When I wanted to hang out with you, you were too busy in the park getting your dick sucked or taking it up the ass in the bushes. (I'm not judging people, so please don't start down that path.) All you wanted was some dick. And now that I'm in a relationship and happy and not trying to give you the time of day or chase after you or give you any more dick, you want to run back up on me! I ONLY WANT REAL MAN, NOT LITTLE BOYS.

Let me explain what a REAL MAN is. A REAL MAN will help you when you're down, not try and take your last meal. A REAL MAN will pay your rent if you lose your job and don't have any money. A REAL MAN will ALWAYS have your back. My baby is a REAL MAN, has been for the past eight months, and the two people I mentioned are little late ass boys. STOP SWEATIN ME!

End transmission.

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Anonymous said...

I think these two (Randy & Corey) are bored. They went through their phone book, scrolling through number after number of former conquests, trying to make a reconnection... because they are BORED! You did good by not "entertaining them."