Sorry for the absence...

I just noticed that a month has passed without me putting another blog entry up, and I'm sorry about that, but a lot of things have been going on that have required my attention, both good and bad.

For starters, my best friend Webster went into the hospital almost two months ago and had a stroke. I went to visit him a few weeks back and needless to say when I visited back then, my heart sunk. Here is a 30 year old man that was very outgoing, funny and just downright silly at times, reduced to someone that couldn't speak, couldn't move without assistance - needless to say it was very emotional for me. But prayer works - as I was sitting in the house earlier this afternoon, my phone rang and it was the hospital main number. I started not to answer it because I was absolutely fearing the worst. I'm glad I did, because it was WEBSTER on the phone, able to speak and still as witty as ever!!! I almost broke down in tears again because I thought that I would never hear my friend speak again.

Then, on top of that, my job attempted to show me just how much they don't care for me. About two weeks ago, I was on a call with a customer when the director of my department (someone that obviously doesn't care for me very much) literally ran around the corner from her cube to mine and told me that she'd like to see me. She didn't say "I need to see you right now" or "put the call on hold and see me now", she just said "I'd like to see you". I was always told that the calls were priority except in cases of emergency, so I continued the call. When I was finished with the call, I went to see the director. No problem right? Well it wasn't until she attempted to put a false charge of insubordination into my employee file! I went directly to HR and told them that the charges were untrue and that I would fight that through to the end. When I was asked by the HR manager if I thought she was lying, I said "well, I wouldn't use the word lying because it's such a harsh word", she (the HR manager) immediately said "well either she's telling the truth or she's lying, which one is it", so I said "well she's lying". I then asked for a copy of every document in my employee file so I could turn everything over to my attorney, and she did not want to give me a copy of a document that was attached to the write-up form. Needless to say after I used the word "attorney" again, the documents were copied for me. Then, three days later, the write up suddenly disappeared from my file. I'm guessing they realized that the charges was bogus and they did not want a lawsuit, because I was certaintly ready to give them one.

Finally, I'm just preparing for my 30th birthday - and the cruise which is my birthday present to myself! Off to the Bahamas I go for three days next week, and Jerome and my friend Bryant will be in tow. I promise to put pictures up on either my Yahoo photos or my Flickr page once I get back - because there will be a LOT of pictures!!! I'll be in Miami for two days prior to the cruise, and I reserved a bi-level townhouse suite for all three of us (and for my good friend Amanda that will be joining me while I'm in Miami). This promises to be absolutely exciting!!! I can't wait!!!!

More later!

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