Tuesday Morning.
Only 3 days until my trip to DC.

I read an interesting entry in Vince's weblog this morning. click here to read it. In my last entry I said that he really liked this other guy that lives in DC. He countered with this entry. (Note: When did blogging become a competition?) Bottom line is that I think Vince is cool but I'm not trying to get married. I'm just trying to have fun.

Speaking of fun, Re'ael came over yesterday. It had been several days since we had any type of quality time. So I hit it. I hit it hard. It was so good that it took his headache away. We started kissing almost as soon as he got in the door. Then we almost fall on the bed, still kissing. Clothes start going every which way, and as I find his spots with my tongue he starts talking to me in Spanish (which really gets me going by the way). Finally I enter him, work it for about a good 10 minutes before he tells me to stop because he couldn't take it anymore. So I take it out and we both climax. Then we go to sleep in each other's arms. (sigh)

Back to my associate that left me standing at Midway Airport on Saturday. Haven't heard from him since early Sunday morning. Like I said in my last entry, when I do get in his neck of the woods on Friday, I won't be in a big hurry to see him. There are certain things you do not do, and playing with a person like that (and then stop calling/texting them) is one of them.

More later...