It's Pride Time again!

Well everyone, it's time for gay pride here in Chicago again, a time for everyone to act like a fool and get totally drunk.

Let's not forget that it's time to get as many numbers as we can, get laid as much as we can, and see how many fights will happen at Montrose beach this year.

Typical for Chicago's gay pride, there will be a parade on Sunday and the afterset will follow at Montrose beach. I'll have pictures up on Sunday evening.

But what I want to know is, what does gay pride mean to you? I'd like to know. Is gay pride a huge meat market, a celebration of being gay, or is it one day to take over the streets and drink like we've never drunk before? Please leave a comment stating which one, and why.



Anonymous said...

You really want to know what I think about it? LOL

That Dude Right There said...

Gay Pride to me is just a chance to enjoy the company of thousands of other gay men. Something that I get a chance to do in Atlanta all of the time.