The Month Of July

Well, a few things have happened this month so far...

For starters, a man committed suicide last night inside the Macy's store here in Chicago. I didn't witness the actual fall, but I did see the man after he fell as he lay on the floor. He jumped from the 8th floor balcony inside the store and subsequently died. All this happened right at closing time, so several people did see him, including two security guards and dozens of people leaving the store at that time. I'm amazed that Macy's didn't even bother covering up the body until after the Chicago Fire Department arrived, thus all of us outside of the store could see him. SHAME ON YOU MACY'S. The man was 29.

On the job front, after all the hell that my job put me through, they let me go on July 5th - right in the middle of my shift. When HR escorted me back to my desk to retrieve my belongings, they had cleared all of the white chicks out of the area. Guess they thought I was going to go postal or something (if that was the case, where was security?). Needless to say I'm not only getting unemployment, but because they hired another chick to take my place and are now an all female environment, and because they had been treating me totally different while I was there because I'm a male, I filed a complaint with the EEOC and submitted all of my evidence. In other words, they're going to pay me.

On the relationship front, next week is my one year anniversary with my baby. We've each planned some things for us to do during that weekend of the 3rd-5th. In fact, not only is the 5th our official one year anniversary, but it is also the 6 year anniversary of my church membership, and possibly my first Sunday serving as an usher. Also, my baby and I are planning on moving in together (finally) next March, out in the western suburbs. We've both decided that we've had enough of city living (and city stupidity), so we're going out to the burbs where people have a lot more common sense.

Oh, before I go, let me vent on something:
Why is it that most negroes are ignorant as hell? Living in the city I have come to expect the unexpected, but some of these negroes - no, strike that, ignorant wanna-be-ghetto negroes are as stupid as they are ignorant. They have no sense of morals and have the mentality of little children. Last night after witnessing the suicide at Macy's, this young ghetto negro was sitting on the bus, sitting sideways with his feet handing all out in the aisle, and didn't want to let this older gentleman sit next to him. The older guy had to push his way in and the younger guy started going off on him, as if the seat was his personal couch. I'm sure everybody reading this blog can relate at one time or another to an ignorant ghetto negro.

Y'all pray for me on my interview tomorrow. Getting this job will definitely be a very wonderful thing in my life. More on how it went tomorrow.

End of transmission.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes life brings us changes to regroup ourselves for the next biggest thing. Much luck on your interview going successful.

CONGRATS to you and Jerome on your first year. That's always good to hear.

Me and my bf will be there for Market Days in August.

Anonymous said...

I may need to reproduce that same event at Macy's...

Jackie said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!! Me and my lady just celebrated our 28th!
I didn't know about the macy's thing. Wow. I assume they didn't cover the man for police possible crime scene reasons.
Hey you are at Trinity UCC, wonderful church. I am at University UCC in Hyde Park. Love UCC.
Also, good luck with the new job.
One mo thang guy, the peeps in the burbs can be just as ignit. I'm just sayin..so don't over expect. But I know what ya mean about city folks. I love Hyde Park though.