A Night On The Town

Last night my baby (and his best friend - not pictured above) and my best friend went out to Spin nightclub for their hip-hop night. Believe me when I say we had an absolutel good time!!! The music was bumpin, the drinks were on point (well after the first one anyway) and the folks (including us) were out there dancing the night away!! This was the first time I'd been out in a while, and the first time that we'd all been together to go out EVER. But we all had a good time! After we had to drag my friend off of the dance floor, all four of us walked up the street to this greasy spoon called Clark St. Dog and loaded up on the food, then staggered outside and hailed a cab - now while we were getting in the cab this hype walked up to me and was like "you going that way?" I told him "naw, we full" and closed the door on him. (Oldest trick in the book: someone walks up to you getting into a cab, offers to pay on the fare, you get to their destination and suddenly they don't have any money, get out and run away. Not on my watch!) We got back to my house, ate and fell asleep.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful evening.

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That Dude Right There said...

Well it's about time you came back. I thought that you had gotten married and moved to Vermont.