This past weekend

This past weekend has been a very crazy weekend, both good and bad.

For starters, one of my best friends lost his 19 year old boyfriend to pneumonia. Yesterday he was a wreck, but I'm confident that, in time, he will be somewhat ok, even though that is an understatement. Please pray for him.

Then, my baby and I had a major major fight on Saturday night and then again on Monday night (which is why I needed a moment). However I'm happy to say that we're ok once again, even though for a moment it almost resulted in our ending the relationship. I'm not going into who started it or even why it got started, but needless to say we're OK again. Thank you to all of those that know the circumstances and prayed for us.

Finally, I received a call yesterday afternoon from one of the companies that I interviewed with. It was funny because the person that called didn't call from a company phone, they called from their company-issued cell phone, and I nearly didn't answer the call (I don't answer calls on my landline from individuals that I do not recognize). I'm glad I did, because that person told me that the company IS MAKING ME A JOB OFFER!!! Will I accept it? Of course!!!

An offer letter is being prepared as we speak!!!

Finally, since I've been made the offer, all of my initial trip plans are now back on. I plan on taking my friend with me to DC in October, and possibly visiting Atlanta in November, depending on how everything goes. God willing, I should be back on my own two feet by October.

I thank God for having my back during all of this, and for answering my prayers for this position. Don't let anybody tell you God doesn't hear you or answer prayer, because I'm a living testimony that He does!

End transmission.


Anonymous said...

That's always good news (regarding the offer). Much luck and success.

That Dude Right There said...