Could You Be ANY Louder?

This weekend I've encountered two version of that crazy illness called "wanna-be ghetto-fabulous"....one with pictures!
The first incident was at the movie theater. A friend and I went to see Resident Evil Extinction this weekend (it was just OK to me by the way). During the movie, this group of six ghetto guys (I hate to say that they were black) were talking during the movie. Not just average whispering, but TALKING. It got to the point whereas I stood up, walked out of the theater, got the manager who returned with two security guards, and escorted the entire entourage out of the theater. I wish I had a picture of these guys; I mean the statement "showing your ass" didn't do them justice...and I'm not talking about being ejected or the talking either. You'll get that one later.

The second incident was on the way to church on Sunday on the train. Needless to say some people absolutely do not need a cell phone!

This girl was just loud and ghetto for absolutely no reason! Tone it down!!! We don't want to hear or care about your baby daddy, don't care about what you're having for dinner, what club you're going to, or any of that!!!

End transmission.


Clay said...

People kill me with their cell phones on the train...everyone just has too much to say!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - I'm with you on this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey! that's my sister you talking about! FALL BACK!