The Jena 6 and the Son-Of-A-Bush

What the hell is going on down in Louisiana?

I have to get on my soapbox for a minute.

If you haven't heard, 6 black individuals (now nationally known as the Jena 6) were charged (initially) for second degree murder of a white student whereas three white students were only suspended and not expelled or arrested.

What was the cause of all of this? A TREE. Not just any tree, but apparently a tree that white students pretty much labeled theirs. When black students sat under this tree, three nooses appeared the next day. Somebody tried to burn the school down, people started getting upset...you know the drill.

I'm upset because the criminal justice system in this country is so fucked up - and that racism is so blatant - that white students can label territory like dogs label territory when they take a piss...white students get a slap on the wrist whereas black students are almost given the needle...and we're supposed to have a constitution and a bill of rights in this country.

I mean, isn't it written that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL? Or have we completely thrown that out of the window?


Speaking of throwing things out of the window, our lying son-of-a-bush had the unmitigated gaul of getting on television saying that "The economy is strong" and "unemployment is down". Well Bush, let me tell you some things. Unemployment is NOT down, unemployment is at an all-time high -- I should know, I'm unemployed and can't find a job anywhere! The economy is in the toilet and is in bad shape, I mean the US dollar equals 73 cents to the EURO!

The good news is that according to the Secret Service web site, presidents only receive secret service protection for 10 years after they leave office. Clinton was the last president to receive lifetime protection! I can see people in 2018 lining up and taking numbers now.....

End transmission.

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