Why would you dress like that for an interview?

Yesterday I attend a job fair at Bank of America where they were hiring for tellers and service positions.

That's where the boring part of the entry ends.

Some of these people that attended dressed professionally, but most of them dressed as if they either (a) rolled out of the bed, (b) were on their way to the club, or (c) was showing just how ghetto they can be. This one guy came there in a t-shirt and baggy jeans, and the shirt and jeans didn't even match!!! Then this other girl came there in a very short short blue jean skirt, a very short and tight white shirt showing off all her goodies (and tattoos too). One girl even felt as if she was dressed inappropriately (even though she was) but at least she admitted it because her good girlfriend dragged her down there (and her best girlfriend was the one with the blue jean skirt).

And that's just two examples of how some of the individuals were all out of pocket. I just wanna know, why would you dress like that for an interview? Haven't you learned that an interview = shirt and tie for men or business suit/tasteful blouse and tasteful skirt for women?

By the way, did I mention that all of the inappropriately dressed people were black? Out of the entire room of blacks, whites, asians, latinos and mexicans, every other ethnic group was dressed to the nine...except some of the black people. That's a damn shame.

(Note, there was this one puerto rican papi that was there in a black suit with a black tie. I wish I had taken a picture of him because this papi was foine!)

End transmission.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that some of our people aren't ready. Especially at this stage of the game.

Tim, try this site and let me know if you're interested: www.cscinfo.com.

I know the branch manager in Chicago and can definitely put in a good word.

Tim said...

You're right man, because these folks definitely weren't ready.

Went to the site and it seems good man. Send me some more info on the company (the insider's info) and positions if you please. I appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

I remember sending someone home one time because I couldn't let my manager see him dressed like he woke up and slapped on a shirt and tie.

Our black people need to do better and if you don't have the things you need, go get it, ask someone, borrow a tie or shirt, comb or brush your hair, get a paday loan, but whatever you do, try your best. I see this all the time and how you appear before people speaks louder than any resume or education you may have.

Jackie said...

Applying for a teller position dressed like that? Please Tim, they know better. They do NOT want the job and are sabotaging themselves.
Well hon, it may be upsetting to you to see our folks do such stupid things, but you can be sure their application will go in the circular file. Better chance for YOU to get the gig.