Check Yourself Before You Talk About Other Folks

Last night on the CTA, I ran into a friend and we were talking while this girl and her "boyfriend" were busy talking about us. Now I think you all know me so I whipped out my cameraphone and took some pictures of the hideous couple...take a look:

Sweetheart, let me tell you something. First of all, you are not attractive, neither one of you. I am not interested in either of you. Secondly, you both draw attention to yourselves - and I don't need to say why. Finally, your "boyfriend" looks more like a fag than anybody I've ever seen.

The next time you wanna talk about somebody, make sure they can't hear you or that your boyfriend looks a lot more masculine.

Besides, we know you're fucking him, and not the other way around.

End transmission.


Anonymous said...

Stop picking up these little fights. They're young...naive, let that slide.

WhozHe said...

That's why she's mad, she knows he'd prefer to be with one of you instead of her, and of course he had to play the game with her to keep his cover.

Troy N. said...

we gotta get you a car and driver, immediately -LOL!

ponoono said...

umm.. when they were lookin at u on the train.. were u wearing that big orange life jacket ?????

Cocoa Rican said...

Yeah...the Rican blood tends to send us over the edge fast...sometimes I think we have gas running through our veins and each time we pass some fire...BOOM!

Darius T. Williams said...

Must be the south side cuz this kinda thing never happens on the green, blue, or pink lines.

Tim said...

Darius: Actually, this was on the NORTH SIDE on the Red Line.

Cocoa Rican: Yeah, tell me about it! Happens all the time.

Ponoono: I'm going to take the high road and assume you were being funny.

Troy: I just need a car. I can drive myself! LOL

Whozhe: I don't want him...uh, her, uh, him. LOL

Captain: Stop taking the joy out of my post.