Church has been ON POINT this week!

This week is our annual Men's Week at my church, and our guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Rudolph McKissick Jr., has been truly preaching with power each and every night thus far! Tonight, unfortunately, is our last night. I say unfortunately because I just wish that this could go on for truly, the rest of the week!

Monday he preached on the topic "I'm tired of living like a lunatic!" taken from Matthew 17:14-18. In that sermon, he taught us that:
- Sometimes your change doesn't come through the church!
He made this point because in Matthew, it is the story of the deciples being unable to help a man's son that he brought to them. The deciples were not in a position to help because their minds were on other things! And that is true with the church today; some churches have their minds on "name-it-and-claim-it", being a "prosperity" church or a "prosperity" preacher and not be focused on helping our children get out of gangs, off of drugs and be true children of God!
- You know you're mature when you can go to God on someone's behalf and know that it's not about you and that it's beyond you!
Don't you love it when people pray on your behalf, you get your breakthrough and THEY take the credit? It's not about you! It's about God!
- You know you're mature when you can let go and let others help!

Then he went on to teach us that:
- How the problem is presented in hardly the problem!
Sometimes the problem manifests symptoms that make you think it's one thing when it's truly something else, running the risk of mis-diagnosis!

- Speak to your situation; don't be ashamed or scared to face it!


Last night, Rev. McKissick preached on the subject "It's all up to Him!" from Matthew 8:1-4. This was one of those sermons that just grabs you and will never let you go.

Check this out:

- Just because God can do it doesn't mean that He will!
Know that if He doesn't do what you want, it will be ok! Always go into a situation with the question "I know He can, but WILL He?" Know that whenever God says no, it's always a set-up for a bigger yes! Leave God room for the bigger yes!

- Your faith is about accepting God's will, NOT changing it!
We don't have enough tongues to change His will (as Rev. McKissick said last night). Be mature enough to access it!

Then, he hit REAL close to home:
- Learn how to worship God so you can live with some stuff without it driving you crazy!
- The phrase "If you're willing" (Matt 8:2) means that you're prepared to live with it if you can't get rid of it! Some things you will just have to live with! God isn't going to change some things because he doesn't want to!
- God is looking for some soldiers that He doesn't always have to take out of stuff! He wants to see how much endurance you can go through!

I'm REAL anxious to see what he's going to preach on tonight!

End transmission.

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Cocoa Rican said...

Sounds like powerful preaching... and the main thing is that you came away full and ready to share it with us. Thanks.

Keep that chin up pa!