Let me tell you about one of the most horrible management companies around, Draper and Kramer.

My building is managed by this "wonderful" management company, and I have to admit that living here is OK - until you have to deal with these people. They are lazy, greedy, and for the most part, incompetent.

Let me give you an example:

As you may or may not know, I am not working right now and are surviving on unemployment and the assistance of others. I have had to resort to splitting my rent payment into two payments of $350 each to coincide with my unemployment payments. Unfortunately this pay period I have fallen a little short ($40 to be exact) because of unexpected expenses.

Now most companies would accept the money that I have now and worry about the $40 later (I did promise to pay them the balance in two weeks with the next unemployment disbursement), but NOT DRAPER AND KRAMER. These people are prepared to go through eviction processing, for FORTY DOLLARS that they can't wait for.

I've been a dedicated resident for over four years now and have not had any problems until now. These people are not hearing me when I ask for some type of payment arrangement, nor do they want a partial payment. They don't care that I don't have anywhere to go, all they want is their FORTY FUCKIN DOLLARS. The last place I lived in would bend over backwards to help out its residents; the only reason I left there is because I thought the grass was greener on the other side, but I'm starting to find out that it's manure.

If I get through this and make it through this lease, I will be moving somewhere once my lease is up. This management company is full of shit, doesn't care about its residents, and is all about the all mighty dollar. Well you can't be about the all mighty dollar when you don't have any residents, now can you?

But before everyone barks at me, let me tell you more about this horrible management company. This complex could be a lot more than it is, but you have managers that fuck you over, a horrible security staff (most of the time they sleep at night instead of doing rounds; you're on your own if you really need help!) and just an overall "fuck you" attitude towards the residents.

Why am I still here? Because I'm locked into a lease that doesn't expire until March, 2008. But you best believe that there will be changes come then, because I'm tired of being fucked.

End transmission.


Cocoa Rican said...

Ain't nuthin' like when 'sweet home' turns into hell! Stay strong pa there are only a few more months to go.

Cash S. said...

That's bogus. I almost moved into Lake Meadows, thank goodness I didn't.