The final night of Men's Week

Sorry that it took me so long to come back and talk about the final night of Men's Week with you all.

Needless to say on last Wednesday night, the final night of our Men's Week at my church, Rev. McKissick once again preached with all power! He spoke truth and taught all of us something! For instance:

- Where you are is where you are for now! God will manifest himself! Don't let where you are depress of discourage you!
Once again, speaking to me about my job situation. I actually feel changed in the situation whereas I'm a lot more hopeful and a LOT LESS WORRYSOME.

- Just because you haven't figured out your purpose yet, doesn't mean it doesn't exist! If you are a child of God, you're already in a position to prosper!
Don't get it twisted though, being prosperous doesn't always mean FINANCIALLY prosperous! We have a bad problem of equating blessings and being prosperous with money, and it doesn't work like that!

- God is not handicapped by your history!
Just because you've had a bad history doesn't mean that God will handcuff you by it!

- Don't surround yourself with people that settle! Some people are not assigned to go with you! Don't make the mistake of making a transitional person permanent! When you see people blocking your blessing, keep going and you'll leave the mixed signals behind!
I'll come back to this in a moment.

- God declares it while you don't have it! He makes promises under the backdrop of impossibility! When you can't see it, you're in a good position for a blessing!

Now, to go back on the point of surrounding yourself with people that settle:
Two years ago on my trip to DC, I met an individual (I won't reveal his name) that was a friend of one of my other friends that was there. We hung out for a brief moment and we had an intimate encounter. Now I wasn't looking for a relationship, especially with someone (a) 600 miles from Chicago and (b) of this person's caliber. He did NOT have a job, lived WITH individuals, used other people's names to obtain stuff, and (get this) lied about his age. When we met he had me believe he was 21 when he was only 17 (and believe me he looks a LOT older than that).

That was two years ago. I hadn't heard from him since...until now.

He called me on yesterday evening FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S PHONE, CLAIMING IT TO BE HIS. When I looked at the Caller ID (thanks goodness for Caller ID) it had a woman's name on it. I asked him again who's phone that was, and he finally told me "well it's my sister's phone". I just had to say, in not so many words, that since he couldn't get anything in his name, and that he wasn't attempting to better himself, that he had to get out of my life. I'm trying to surround myself with people that are attempting to better themselves, not use your momma's name, your sister's name, your cousin's name...need I go on?

I am no longer settling for those types of people! I need better!

Just examine yourself and your friends and ask yourself this simple question:
"Who is really trying to better themselves and help me get better?"

Only keep THOSE individuals in your life. The rest, let them go!

End transmission.

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