Oh it's Wednesday.....

So I spent today applying for jobs from home, then afterwards I stepped out for lunch. While I was downtown grabbing something from Subway I saw a fairly attractive guy (albet feminine) with his "girlfriend" walking down the street. I speak to him (as I speak to just about everyone), and he starts giggling. Then, five minutes later as I'm on the bus heading home, I see him standing at the bus stop. He sees me sitting on the bus and starts whispering and giggling again to his "girlfriend". Such a turn off. Now I wasn't trying to flirt with him or anything, I was just speaking, just being polite, as I was raised to be.

The lovely lawmakers down in Springfield still have not come up with a plan to save mass transit here in the Chicago area. Just a few weeks ago, the governor extended to the Regional Transit Authority the state's share of the 2008 budget, a sort of "payday loan" if you will, with the promise of fixing the funding issues. And now the "payday loan" is about to run out and there will be no more money for mass transit, so there will be some serious service cuts come November 4th. I wish that the governor and the house speaker would stop playing this "my-dick-is-bigger-than-your-dick" game and start working for the people of Illinois.

End transmission.

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Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - I'm kinda tired of the games too - but, you gotta realize the CTA definitely needs a bigger budget. They've got some really great tools out there on the market for consumers - things like www.ctabustracker.com that tells you the very next madison bus coming - this would be great for all buses - but, it takes money. I love the trip planner too...it's hot.