Happy Late-Halloween

(I know this is a late post, but I wanted to make sure that all my pictures were in order.)

Lakeview's annual Halloween Parade was this past Wednesday, and I did attend. Check out some of these costumes:

And now, let me tell you about this ghetto fabulous wanna-be female that was there:

This girl was literally yelling (in my ear mind you) to the people in the parade to give her some beads if she showed them her breasts! This is NOT Jerry Springer! Nobody wants to see your breasts!

Finally, while I was walking down the street after the parade, this ghetto ass mexican girl and her three kids were taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk. I said "excuse me" FOUR TIMES but she didn't move so I pushed past her. She then wants to get loud and ignorant with me asking if I didn't see her stroller next to her - which I didn't. She then continues to get loud at which point I just tell her to go get a cocktail and to have a happy halloween. Look, if I could've gotton a picture of you I would have, but you know what they say about witches - you can't get a picture of them. Be careful who you're yelling at; they could work for INS.

Oh I almost forgot! What did I go as? See below - but don't talk about me too bad:

End transmission.

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Sister Toldja said...

It's been a long time, cutie! Hope all is well!

OMG, who shows their breasts like that??? Weren't there kids present? A MESS