Donald Young, TUCC Sanctuary Choir Director

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Updated 5/3/08 8:30 am

I'm going to keep this entry brief.
Today has truly been a very sad and upsetting day.

When I got to church this morning, I found out that the director of our sanctuary choir, Donald Young, passed away last night. Donald was the director with the long braids that lead the choir for at least as long as I've been at Trinity United Church of Christ.

Out of respect I do not want to go into the specifics as to what happened, but I will say that his passing was an absolutely senseless act, and a hard blow to all of us that knew and respected him.

May God rest your soul Donald. You will TRULY be missed by all.
Please pray for the family of Donald Young, as well as the music ministry and congregation of Trinity United Church of Christ.

If you wish to post words of encouragement for the family, please place them in the comments section and I will make sure that the family receives them.

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Anonymous said...

Me dio mucha pena al enterarme de las noticias ayer en el servicio de 6:00 pm. Que fue lo que le paso? Estaba mal? Fue victima de violencia?

Tim said...

Anónimo, desafortunadamente I don't tiene cualquier información sobre qué sucedió. La información segura de I'm será hablada en los días próximos.

LMichelle said...

Hi Tim,
I came across your blog when I tried to Google any information on Donald.
I have known Donald since the early 1980's when my family joined Trinity (I relocated and now live in the Mid-Atlantic region).Thank you for your tribute to him and God's richest blessings to you and your family during this time of sorrow.
Your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...


This is a truly another significant loss for our church. I can only say what I've been saying since Anthony's passing and Rev. Allen's passing - God must be trying to get his ministries together in heaven!

Your sister in Christ.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say God bless everyone who is affected by this. My child was one of Mr. Young's students he worked with my baby and bought all the grades up. My child is very upset and has been crying for days now. Christmas didn't even seem like Christmas. My child's heart is in pieces and he doesn't even want to return to school how do you help your baby in this situation. Mr. Young was hope for him that black men can be something positive, because he hasn't had that he hated school but was learning so much he got excited about it and couldn't wait to return from break. He said if Mr. Young isn't there there is no since in being there. I hope the heartless person with the selfish heart gets caught sooner than later you've crushed alot of dreams.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened???

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim for this Blog,

I'am a member of TUCC and this loss has been a mighty blow to our congregation. I will never forget the love that Donald had for live and his ministry. There was so much live and excitement in Donald when he stood before the congregation on Sunday's and other services of ministry. As God continues to strengthen the congregation and his family. I pray for his students and that they will never loss hope of being all they can be. And remember that Mr. Young will want nothing less from them. The congregation at TUCC as been through a lot these last couple of months. But to God be the Glory, God has not left us and HE will continue to wipe our tears during this season of loss.

Quite said...

I visited Trinity United Church of Christ last year november 2006 and I was so impressed .. by the fantastic pastor, the beautiful choirs and the whole atmosphere in this church.
And my heart is crying .. when I hear this ... why ....???
I will pray for Donald and his family and also will pray for the safety of all other ministers ....
Rest in Peace Donald

One of the members of the choirleadertour november 2006 from Germany Europe

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice blog you posted in honor of Donald

citizenwells said...

Has anyone heard any news about the murder investigation? What is the word on the street? What do you think happened?
Citizen Wells