Nathaniel (Nate) Spencer, TUCC Sanctuary Choir Member

Updated 1/8/08 11:27am.
For those individuals that may think this post is tacky, please go to the comments section and read the reply to commenter "Robert" before forming a judgement. Thank you.

When it rains, it pours.
For the second time in a week I am mourning the loss of someone close to me.

Yesterday I received word that Nate Spencer passed away. Nate was one of my good friends and I've known him for years. He was 30 years old. We were running buddies for many years until an unfortunate circumstance happened.

What really hurts me is not only the fact that he was so young, or that he won't get to celebrate 2008 with us, it's that he was angry with me (to the point of hatred) over a certain individual that he was no longer dating that I started dating -- months after the fact. He carried that with him to his grave. I tried to be a good friend with him even in the face of this hatred, and I am truly in pain about everything. Earlier this summer I commented with a friend about that and quoted Madea when I said "people in their graves dead and gone still holding on to stuff" (from Madea's Class Reunion), and that's exactly what happened.

The funeral was held on Monday January 7, 2008. Out of respect for the family, I will not be posting an obituary online.
Please pray for Nate's family, and for our church, as we're about to have Donald Young's funeral on Saturday.

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Ronald said...

Tim, do you really think it was necessary for your reading public to be privy to discourse between you and Nate. The comment was very tacky and did not honor his memory at all. Regardless of the differences between you and Nate he was first and foremost a human being and his passing was a sad occasion. It also appears that he was not the only one with bitter feelings. A true adult would rise above the fray and not continue malicious commentary about someone that can't defend himself.

Tim said...

Ronald, first of all thank you for your comment. What I meant by saying that is that I am truly sorry for what happened (not only in his passing but in the circumstances that I mentioned) and that I'm sorry he carried it with him to his grave - that I tried to be a friend even in the face of hatred. Please try to understand the true meaning of a message before blasting it. Thank you.