A Testimony....God shows up when you least expect it!

Let me be a living testimony for everyone right quick...

I had been (along with a ton of other people) praying non-stop for a job. My 6-month unemployment cycle is due to dry up next month, and I was facing the real possibility of losing everything - my apartment, my way of life. For the first time I was truly scared and thinking that I would not have anywhere to go and that I could possibly be like one of those individuals on the street. I prayed to God; I asked all of my friends and my usher family at church to pray for this job, and for God to come through before it was too late.

In asking for God, there was a period where I heard nothing, either from God or from the company that I interviewed with, and I thought that He had pushed me away. I felt hurt, lost. Then last night Jerome started feeling excited for some strange reason, and he couldn't explain it. I called Jerome this morning and he told me about his feelings, which I couldn't explain either.

An hour after speaking with Jerome, I received a call from the company. I was fully prepared for them to tell me that they either were still trying to make their decision, or (worse) they were going in a different direction.

Not so.

God came through, and they offered me the position! Not only that, He came through with an overabundance!

This is absolute proof that God is real and He will come through when you least expect it!

Use my testimony as an example, and continue to pray for what you need and He will give it to you!

End transmission.


Harold Gibson said...

Awesome news Tim. I wish you the very best.

Harold Gibson said...

Awesome news Tim. I wish you the very best.

Jackie said...

Yayyyyyyyyy Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Yayyyyyyyyy God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

I always knew things would work out for you.