Mt Recent Trip to DC for Orientation

Sorry that this post is so late.

Last week I went to DC for orientation with my new company. It was two days of fun and learning about my new role in the company, as well as about the company itself.

For starters, I arrived the day before orientation. I arrived safely in DC and waited on my boy Jay to pick me up from Reagan airport. You know the saying about black folks; they never arrive anywhere on time. Jay was about a half-hour late. So we finally get underway and get to the hotel and check in. We talk for a little while and then head out to the Manager's reception at the hotel for cocktails (did I mention that they were free? Always stay at an Embassy Suites!). After that we got on the Metrorail (the world's most beautiful transit system) and went to The Fireplace, this gay bar in the Dupont Circle area. Didn't stay there very long because I really wasn't feeling the clientele that night - a whole bunch of drunk begging negroes. One negro was in the restroom with me trying to show off his stuff and trying to grab me on my ass (a MAJOR MAJOR pet peeve of mine) - I pushed him to the side and walked away. We left and that concluded day one.

Day two begun orientation. Our headquarters is HUGE - and very beautiful at the same time. The people that work there are real laid back and friendly, from the security guards to the facilitators to the HR people (I met my HR person, and DAMN he's cute!!! But I know not to even approach it in that light!!!). On the first day we talked about all aspects of the company and performed a few group exercises with the people at our table. I could tell I was probably the only one there from the Midwest, especially when we all had to stand up and introduce ourselves and say where we were from. The facilitator, upon hearing my name immediately said "Oh, you're my midwest guy! I'm sure you're used to this weather!" (It was zero in Chicago when I left and 40 degrees in DC that day.) We adjourned from orientation about 4:15, but not before they gave us a real nice lunch around the noon hour.

Night two - I didn't meet up with Jay that evening, but I did go back to The Fireplace and meet up with my associate Tim. We had a few cocktails, and I met a few people, but this time around in terms of the people, I kept running into the same types of folks, the drunk, begging and game playing type. In addition to that, I wasn't in the bar two minutes before this guy comes and sits down next to me and starts a conversation with me. FIFTEEN SECONDS into the convo he's asking me to buy him a drink! I had to tell him that I ain't like that and I don't buy drinks for people I don't know! That's when this guy that used to live here that I've known for almost two decades named Ricky walked in. I completely ignored that other guy and talked to Ricky for a while before going upstairs. Again, we kept running into the drunk begging folks. Not my thing. In fact the same guy that was trying to grab on me and show me his "stuff" the night before didn't even remember doing it. Being insulted, I left. While I was at Krispy Kreme, I met this guy named Rico Sanchez. Rico was attractive, but he is a liar and a game player. If you ever go to DC and meet someone that used to live in Detroit named Rico Sanchez, RUN LIKE HELL!

Day Three - For orientation, they took us on a bus tour of Southeast DC to show us a stark contrast as to what my company is trying to do in terms of housing and what housing is like now. I was totally in shock as to the conditions of the public housing units there. I saw lots of run-down, boarded up and dilapidated housing. Keep in mind people still live here. My heart goes out to those people. Then they showed us the transformation that my company is attempting to do with the public housing, and I was stunned. The housing communities that they were putting up were absolutely beautiful. We're taking entire housing projects and transforming them into absolutely beautiful communities for those residents, with more amenities and safety features. It made me feel good.

After the bus tour, we returned to HQ and adjourned. I then headed back to the airport and came home safely. But I'll be back in DC in about two weeks for President's Day weekend!

End Transmission.

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