Thank You

Thank you Don T from FedEx Kinko's for walking out of my life because of some information that I shared with you in confidence. Your lack of fucking friendship knows no boundaries. I knew we weren't going to work out when I talked to you man-to-man and you cringed. Instead of being a REAL man and telling me how you felt YOU WERE A PUSSY and didn't say shit!

Thank you to all those people that I thought were decent individuals, associates or whatever, and then you act like everything is cool, then you run like little bitches!

Thank you to the 19 year old queen on the street that tried to holla and got shut down! Everybody don't want you, especially if you're not doing anything with your life but walking around clubs that you can't get into, getting food off of the free food truck!

Thank you to my so called associates that I tried to call and vent to but you were either getting laid, macking or a combination of the two. Your lack of action has made me reexamine my association with all of you and forced me to reexamine my life as a whole. Whenever you need me I'm there; I just ask for the same in return.

And finally, to all the people that I have not mentioned that contributed to me being pissed off, hurt, disappointed and just downright evil this evening, thank you.

End Transmission.

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