I'm Back!

(and Tim enters the room with little fanfare.....)

Hello everyone. Sorry I disappeared for a while.

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone that e-mailed, concerned about where I had gone and wanting me to come back. I'm back....for now.

I'm going to jump right into this entry with the phrase "I have a problem".

I have a problem with individuals that are condensending, talk down to people, and act as if they don't know that they're doing this. Yes, I'm talking about a certain individual that resides in Baltimore, MD, and he knows who he is. Let me set the stage: Pride weekend this past weekend. This individual not only waited until 2 days before flying to Chicago to make their flight arrangements, they did not confer with me regarding such arrangements, acted as if they knew everything, spoke down to me when I tried to give my input on my schedule and didn't want to hear anything I had to say....need I go on. The result? The flight was delayed so they didn't get here until nearly midnight (when they could have gotton on a nonstop flight and been here by 10:00pm but instead they took a flight that had A STOP).
At the Pride Parade they wanted to know where I was standing, so I told them "across from 3344" (on halsted). ACROSS DOES NOT MEAN SAME SIDE OF THE STREET. Then, this person didn't want to cross the street to get on the right side, even though everyone else was doing it during breaks in the parade (that's what the breaks are there for, idiot!)

I had to tell my friend that I didn't want to speak to this person again. It's sad when you have to use a mediator to push someone away.

"I have a problem."
I have a problem with the way some people get upset over really, really, REALLY minor things. I mean things so minor and petty that most people would laugh over this. Someone that resides in the South got upset with me because I was talking to them "like my homeboy" during the Pride Parade. Yes, you heard me correctly. I won't even get into all of the logistics behind that, just know that it was so petty, it left me scratching my head and saying "what the FUCK?"

"I have a problem."
I'm suffering from pre-hypertension and my blood pressure is a little elevated. Needless to say, it's almost time for a vacation, and my cruise in September isn't coming fast enough. The amazing thing is that it's not my job that is stressing me out, it's stupid ignorant people, condensending individuals, and people that are trying to start really petty disagreements. I wish people would know how to talk, be able to check themselves, and not judge me based on what other people have done in the past.

End Transmission.

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