Obnoxious Friends of People

This is a continuation to my last entry.

This morning I called Chris to catch up with him after this weekend and to make sure he was OK after Pride weekend (again, see last entry). Knowing how much his best friend and I don't get along, you would think he would never mention him again, right?


Today he told me, "I know this is going to make you upset but I have a message from my friend. He wants his money back from the cruise."

First of all, it really irriates me when people say "I know this is going to make you upset...." If you know it's going to make me upset, then WHY SAY IT???

Secondly, and most importantly, let me say this: His friend didn't pay for the cruise. Chris did. Chris already verbally gave instructions to have that share of the money put towards HIS portion.

I'm upset at Chris simply because he (1) didn't inform his friend of the verbal agreement between us, (2) didn't stand up to his friend and tell him that he didn't pay money towards the cruise, therefore he isn't entitled to anything (I just LOVE people who want something for nothing!), and (3) brought this information to me when he had the power and authority to squash it without it even getting to me, knowing how much we don't get along.

There are times when you embrace people, and there are times when you have to take a step back. I think this is one of those times where I'm going to have to take TWO steps back and rethink a lot of things -- including this situation.

End Transmission.

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