Talking Doesn't Help - Maybe Action Will

And the previous entry keeps going on and on and on........

I confronted Chris this morning about his friend, and needless to say it didn't turn out too well. I tried to get him to understand that when someone asks you not to mention a certain person to them ever again, they usually mean it. In fact I even went as far as asking him, "If he asked you to jump in the lake, would you do it?" He responded, "If I was asked to deliver a message, I would, even if I would drown." I honestly believe that there is more than friendship going on there, and that statement pretty much gives more ammo.

I got on him about the whole yesterday thing, and then he told me that he didn't understand how the refund process worked. Granted that, but a 7 year old would probably know that if someone didn't pay for something, they are not entitled to any money back!

After all of the mess that has happened, I informed him that his assistance with my business would no longer be required.

End Transmission.

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