B Poz Event

So last night I attended the B Poz Tonight 8 affair at Circuit Nightclub here in Chicago, which was sponsored by Northstar Healthcare. It was a fun event full of dancing, singing and -- of course -- drinking. Miss Foozie and Tajma Hall hosted the event, and it was full of ordinary folks socializing, sniffing and being stand-offish (which unfortunately is a trait in the gay community, but I won't go there).

Three memorable take-aways from this event:

3. Circuit had drink tickets all night long. You received two at the door, and people were walking around handing out free drink tickets all night. You could easily get VERY messed up as the drinks were (as they always are) RIGHT ON POINT. I think I left with 4 drink tickets as I just couldn't drink any more.

2. It was good to see everyone coming together, even if some people entered the room with the typical "I'm-here-with-my-man-and-we're-better-than-you" syndrome or the "I'm-too-good-for-you-because-I'm-a-waiter" type of deal. To some people it was Roscoe's - stand-and-model. However there were some people that were honestly there to mingle and have a good time, which made the event a good one.

And the #1 take-away for me:
I was conversing with a 24 year old from North Chicago who had a real bad touchy-feely problem. 5 seconds after we start talking he had his hands all over me and was trying to kiss me. Needless to say, I had to get away quickly, so I went to the restroom. So as I'm coming back from the restroom I ran into a 40+ year old that has been positive for 20+ years and was feeling down. He mentioned that he doesn't go out of the house at all to do anything, and that his doctor pretty much strong-armed him to come out. In our conversation I told him that it wasn't good for him to waste away in the house all the time, and that he needed to get out and do different things, travel, meet new people, because life will pretty much pass him by and life, especially in our condition, is precious. Our conversation got so deep on that level that he ended up giving me a hug and looked like he was about to break out in tears. It looked like he really needed one. He promised to take my advise and to get out more.
However, the 24 year old saw all of this and thought that this person was "honing in", so he decided to rudely interrupt the conversation, start putting his arms around me (again) and get REAL close to me, until I had to dismiss him (in a nice way). The 49 year old thought he was my boyfriend, until I had to correct him. Needless to say the 24 year old didn't see me for the rest of the night, and I left with the satisfaction of helping someone. (No I didn't take him home.)

End Transmission.


Ritagirl said...

That was nice of you to give that guy a kind word & a hug in a time of need. Sounds like something I would have done.

Jackie said...

You have done more for that 49 y o guy than you know. I'm proud to know you.

T-Baby said...

I love that you gave that guy words of encouragement. That guy will probably never forget that either.