Beggers (and people looking for a handout)

If you work in any major city, you always see them.

People asking if you "have any spare change".

They have been around since the beginning of time. A begger is even mentioned in the Bible (he gets healed by Jesus, but that's another topic for another time). Now I have no problem with individuals asking for spare change (most times I don't have any because I try not to carry cash), but what I do have a problem with is individuals on the street begging with their children. Some people say it's a sympathy tactic; I say it's sending the wrong message to the kids. Now I am not speaking of those individuals that are in shelters with their kids; that's one thing. I am speaking to those individuals that have a place to stay but are out "trying to hustle some money".

Why aren't the kids in school? Day care? Camp? What you do is your business, but as a responsible parent (sorry, some parents just aren't responsible), you need to try and make your kid grow up to be better than you are. And having them stand on the corner while you beg for change isn't giving them the tools to be better than you are.

It's giving them the tools to become part of the system when DCFS finds out what you're doing.

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Ritagirl said...

Personally I would have called DCFS on them right then & there! To have a child out there on the street begging w/you? You're right... not setting a good example for the child & possibly endangering them IMO.