Fighting With U.S. Cellular

I'm fighting with US Cellular, my cell phone company. And for good reason. Let me explain.

On August 1, I opened a new line of service and purchased the new LG UX830 phone. I returned it on August 5 - well within the 30 day return policy. I was told at the time of purchase that if I returned it within 30 days, the contract would be cancelled without penalty and that all monies I paid would be refunded in the original form of payment. So I gave them my Mastercard.

Come to find out they decided, unilateraly, to put the credit back on my US Cellular account and not to honor THEIR OWN AGREEMENT.

It gets better though! I also purchased a case for the phone, which was a seperate charge. Guess what? That went back on my US Cellular account too! When I say seperate charge, it's similar to me purchasing the phone, walking out of the store and coming back in an hour later. That charge should have gone back to my Mastercard....but I digress.

I have fought with them for three days over this. Finally, frustrated and convinced that they are not playing fair, I called my card issuer this morning and filed a dispute. I find that having the money in my account is a lot better. Although it's nice to have a credit on an account, give ME the choice of putting all of that money on my account - we're talking over $300 here.

When my contract on my primary line is up in 3 weeks, I'm switching, and taking the number with me. I refuse to continue dealing with a company that won't honor its own agreements. Oh, did I mention that AT&T only wants a $150 deposit and that I can use that phone on the cruise ship next month?

US Crapular...I mean Cellular - good for screwing people.

Anybody want to buy a red Blackberry Pearl next month?

End Transmission.


Darius T. Williams said...

The Pearl? Who even uses that? The Curve is the way to go!

I have T-Mobile...I love them!

Sandy said...

I'm with you, Tim! US Cellular sucks! I was with them for years but when I cancelled service, they ignored me. At least until I didn't pay the bill. Now I'm being harrassed by them so I contacted the FCC. I'm waiting to see what happens next.

Sandy said...

I feel you, Tim. US Cellular sucks! I was with them for years but when I tried to cancel my service, they ignored me. At least until I stopped paying the bill. Now I'm being harrassed, So I notified the FCC. Now I'm waiting to see what happens.