Miserable Homosexuals

Last night Chris called me, after I and a buddy hadn't heard from him and were concerned. We (or at least I) had a right ot be concerned.

He got a call from one of his friends that I find to be miserable and pathetic, stating that I tried to hit on him and suggest that I would sleep with him while I was in New York with Chris last month. He claims to have text messages from me stating this fact.

Now that we've heard the lies, here's the truth.

For starters, I would NEVER do that. That is beyond tacky and slutty. That's just nasty. To sleep with one of his friends (or anyone else period) is not me. Yes, I told his friend that he was attractive, but that's just passing a compliment. Telling someone that they are attractive is not the same as saying that you want to sleep with them.

Secondly, any text messages that this child has are probably doctored (forged). That's just not me.

I was so upset last night at what I heard, that I cried myself to sleep. Can you be so miserable with your life that you want to destroy a good thing? Are you that upset that you're not going on my cruise next month that you're trying to destroy that? Are you so jealous that we're working out well that you want to destroy it?

He's lucky that I don't have enough credit on my credit card right now to get to DC, otherwise there would be words. But I have made plans to drive to DC next weekend.

Y'all tell me - should I go to DC next weekend?

End Transmission.

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