Screw You US Cellular - I'm Done!

And the saga with US Fuckular.....I mean Cellular.....continues.

I received an e-mail from then today in regards to my situation with them regarding the credits. Check it out, and then read my response below:

Dear Timothy,

Thank you for contacting our Online Customer Care Department. We apologize any frustration we have caused. Per your billing statement and account records, we show that you paid $76.12, $123.46, and $16.48 to U.S. Cellular(r) on 8/1/08. At the time that these payments were made your balance from your July statement was $76.12. Therefore your payment of $76.12 took care of your overdue balance.

This would leave the other two payments as a credit of $139.94. The accessory purchased was $14.95 plus $1.53 tax. Keep in mind, the equipment you purchased was actually $199.95. On your August statement, we charged you for the equipment purchase of $199.95 but then refunded the same amount when the equipment was returned. (pg 3.) We did the same for the accessory purchase. We charged you for the accessory of $16.48, but then we credited $16.48 for the same accessory. This would leave you with a credit of $123.46.

When you activated the line ending in 1193, we do not show that you actually paid a deposit in the store. The deposit of $100.00 was charged to your account, and shows on your August statement. However, you canceled this same line on 8/5/08, and your August statement shows that we charged the $100.00 deposit to the account, but when the line was canceled we also credited the same $100.00 that was previously charged plus and additional interest of $0.04. This is showing on page 9 of your bill. You have now a total credit of $123.50 on your account.

The total amount due on your bill was for charges that you normally occur, i.e. your monthly plan, text messages, signal insurance, the
BlackBerry(r) services, picture messages and taxes. This total amount on your August statement was $123.35. However, on 8/6/08, we show a credit of $25.00 was applied to your account by one of our U.S. Cellular(r) store representatives. The $25.00 credit, along with the $123.50 was applied to the balance due of $123.35. These credits paid your August bill and left you with the current credit of $25.15.

In conclusion, we understand that you were mislead in thinking that a check would be sent to you. Unfortunately, whenever there is a current balance on the account, any payments that you have made will impact your current U.S. Cellular(r) balance. We apologize if this was not explained. We sincerely hope that you understand the way your billing and credits were applied to your account.

Should you have additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 888-944-9400 or 611 from your cell phone. If you prefer, you may also submit your question/concern via our website at


Katrina T.
Customer Service SpecialistU.S. Cellular(r)

Now, let me tell you why this is utter bullshit. For starters, I DID pay a $100 deposit in the store. It's on the receipt showing as paid. I've been screaming this to them for the longest but they don't want to hear me. Instead of being the professional business that they claim and admitting that they made a mistake, they want to play musical chairs and change explanations every five minutes.

Well I have a solution to the whole mess.


When my contract is up in less than 3 weeks, you can take this phone and your service and shove it up your ass. I will NOT be renewing, and will be telling as many people as I can to RUN LIKE HELL from you, US Cellular! Fucking up and then trying to cover it up with lie after lie and contradiction after contradiction is no way to run a company or to treat a loyal customer that has NOT HAD ONE ISSUE until now.

You ARE the Weakest Link, goodbye!

End Transmission.

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