Vietnam .... or bisexual?

Had a very interesting (well interesting doesn't even describe it) discussion with a guy on the bus this afternoon.

I was on the bus with an associate of mine heading home from a day of shopping when I was testing the GPS function on my new cell phone. He immediately starts talking about how it's not safe to have my cell phone out in certain parts of the city (although I don't think 14th and Indiana isn't one of them), how all a person has to do is take one look at me in my red and white Air Force Ones, red and white polo and shorts and see me as an easy mark. Several times I reminded him that he didn't know me (a polite way of telling him to shut up). This coming from a person who was giving me "the eye" from Randolph/Michigan all the way to Jackson/Michigan when the conversations started.

Then the discussions turned south very fast.

He starts talking about how he was in Vietnam, about how he was trained by the government to kill, how in his mind people "are dead" to him, and then proceeds to start talking about people sitting on toilets taking dumps and how it would be the last time they did - or words to that effect.

We ended up getting off the bus at 25th street.

End Transmission.

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Darius T. Williams said...

Did you get his number? Definitely bisexual!