Back From San Francisco

Hello all! Yes, I am back from San Francisco! Had to go there for a few days for work, and boy let me tell you, I'm glad to be home.

San Francisco, albet it be a pretty city, it is not conducive to black gay people (or black people at all). While in the Castro (gay) district, I counted FOUR (yes, FOUR) black people on Sunday night. And these weren't ordinary black gay people - they were, shall I say, snow queens? (For those that don't know what my definition of a snow queen is, it is a black person that tries to act white.) They didn't want to look at another black person, let alone talk to one. And obviously I didn't know where to go in terms of the hot spots. (Come to find out from a friend that I shouldn't went to this place called Bar....but I didn't make it that far.)

Maybe I should've went to Oakland?

Well, when the meetings finally started on Monday we hopped on a bus and toured the Hunters/Bayview housing complexes. I hate to say it, but the Chicago Housing Authority ain't got nothing on SFHA - and I don't mean that in a nice way either. We saw crumbling housing, places that should've been demolished long ago, and of course, your typical ignorant wanna-be thug hanging on the corner with his boys instead of doing something positive (ever heard of an education or a job?)

In other words, I don't think I'll be going back to San Francisco anytime soon. Now, the next time I make it to the West Coast, I think I'll go to Los Angeles.

Photos will be on my Flickr homepage soon.

End Transmission.

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