What Does My Status Have To Do With Being A Friend?

Well the stupidity wheel has been spun again.

Remember back in August when I attended the B Poz Event? Well I'm experiencing fallout from that. Let me explain.

There were several photographers at the event, snapping pictures. While I was talking to this guy, one of the photographers saw us and asked if he could take our picture. We said "sure" and he did. Little did I know that this was a photographer from the Chicago GoGuide and that one picture would cause so much controversy.

Last Friday I was hanging out at Little Jim's, this hole-in-the-wall bar in Boystown. (I go there because I know one of the bartenders and for the cheap alcohol.) This white boy was there with his friends and we struck up a conversation. He was depressed and I tried to cheer him up because his friends weren't helping (or so I thought). We exchanged numbers and I left. The next day, he sends a text and I offer to meet him for coffee at Starbucks. He replies back "I was hoping for something more private". Seeing that he just wants some black dick (and yes I did mention Chris), I told him to pretty much fuck off. Then he starts getting a little crazy with the text messages so I just ignore him. Sunday rolls around and he texts back apologizing. I figure I'd give him a second chance and we hang out. Monday rolls around and he starts REALLY showing how crazy he is by saying he saw my photo in this magazine and that he's gonna call the cops because I should've told him I was poz and all of this. First of all BUT WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! WE JUST HUNG OUT! Secondly, what does my status have to do with Starbucks? NOTHING! I told him to go ahead and that the cops would arrest him for wasting their time, that the only proof he had of anything was a photo of me at an event, which means absolutely nothing! So, I changed my number, thus cutting him off from me forever.

But wait! The stupidity wheel doesn't stop spinning there!

This individual named Drew (I'm naming names so you know he's really irked me) that works in downtown Chicago and I were getting to know each other. We went out to lunch at Water Tower one afternoon and everything seemed to be going well. Went back to my house and chilled out and watched a movie, again, things going really well. Then he hits me up talking about he can't give me all that I want right now and that this isn't going to work out. Suddenly. Out of the blue. So I sent him a message back saying that I'm fairly certain that my status has everything to do with your decision and to have a nice life. I then blocked him at the firewall (love that BlackBerry firewall).

And finally, the one that takes the cake - Carlos. We met on the same night as the crazy white boy. We were all set to hang out for coffee when I told him my status. Then suddenly he wants to POSTPONE us hanging out until....get this....he gets HIS results back the next day! So I told him that his answer was obviously a cop-out and that he has an issue with my status and to have a nice life.

What the fuck does my status have to do with being someone to hang out with? Are you afraid that if I sit next to you the virus will jump off of me and land on you? Are you that ignorant? And by the way, I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU. I could go back through my blog and see the number of people that have shown me how ignorant, stupid, and down right fucked up they are. People say I should try to get out there and make more friends, well I try to and this is what happens.

End Transmission.


Lonnell said...

Wow, I didn't realize just how shallow and ignorant people could be. Part of it stems from our collective ignorance, part of it our silly fears. I never understood what one's status has to do with friendships. I have many friends who are positive, whoop de doo...hell they are healthier than most of these fools running around here. I mean there are far worse things nne could catch with non-sexual contact...shouldn't we be as worried about those? I mean,really...where are our priorities? Step up men...step da f*** up! Tim,
continue to be strong and stand in your light! God gave man the power to create that Blackberry Firewall for a reason! Only allow those worthy of your magnificence to be honored with your attention and presence.

JACK said...

I can't apologize for other people, but I do regret that you have to experience this. I'll be your friend!!

Tim said...

Lonnell and Jack, thank you both. I am honored by your presence on my blog.

JACK said...

If course you are! I'm great, just ask me - I'll tell ya! ;-)

Ritagirl said...

I'm sorry there are still ignorant people in the world that don't understand how it's transmitted. I wouldn't mind hanging out w/ya. You seem like cool people!