Another Dipshit.....and I'm heading to DC

Well let me start by saying that black men in the City of Chicago are full of shit, once again. You can't even be friends with them. I was supposed to hang with yet another associate this evening who told me he'd be at my place by 7:00pm. Well he calls AT 7:30 telling me he'd be at my place by 9:15pm because he decided to go to the north side. This is a work night and you want to disrespect me twice - once by not calling until after the fact and then by coming over knowing I have to go to bed? Sorry Charles, it won't ever happen again.

So this weekend I'll be in Washington, DC participating in the Help the Homeless walk-a-thon, which is a walk that my company puts on every year to raise money for different homeless shelters and initiatives. I'm really excited to go...even if it will only be 40 degrees there this weekend. Ah, that's what restaurants and bars are there for. I am really anticipating going to Annie's Steakhouse in Dupont Circle, and then spending some time at an old friend, The Fireplace.

If you've ever been to DC and are a member of the "extended family", you should know all about the Fireplace. It's a two-story bar where (mostly) white guys hang out on the first floor and (mostly) black guys hang out on the second floor. It's also a place where individuals beg for drinks, try to pick you up, flirt and socialize. I call it comedy hour. Hell, the last time I was there this younger white guy tried so hard to get my attention and to pick me up, and after a while it started getting a bit....irritating. So after identifying Chris, he seemed to back off...but that lasted all of five minutes. He got the message...eventually. Then, why did I make the mistake of going to the bathroom? All I'll say is that peeping toms run amuk at the Fireplace.

All in all it should be an interesting weekend, and I'll report back on my findings after the weekend.

End Transmission.


Darius T. Williams said...

I love Annies - they have the best freaking potatoes ever! Plus the host there is hilarious...such a gag!

Raquel Pauline said...

I agree black men in chicago get on my nerves, LOL.

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