This past weekend in DC

So this past weekend I was in Washington DC to participate in the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless walk-a-thon, and to see my baby. The walk-a-thon was very good; we had a very large turnout and it felt good knowing that all the monies raised go directly to help the homeless. It all started on Friday night by helping to unload all of the t-shirts and setting up the tents on the National Mall....at 7:30pm at night. In 30 degree weather. They did, however, give out hand warmers to slip into our gloves, and baaaaaby those suckers worked! I had to take mine OUT because I was afraid it would burn my hand!

After the setup, Chris and I went to The Fireplace as I said in my last entry. The funny thing is that after having a Jager drink (not a shot) and a Corona chaser, I was a little bubbly, and after running into my buddy Ryan, the three of us had a total blast. This guy was standing across from us and kept flirting with me, so I got up and went over to him. We talked for a few minutes and I let him down easy. It turned out OK though, and he appreciated my honesty. Then Chris and I went back to the hotel.

Saturday morning we did the Help the Homeless walkathon. It was about 29 degrees when we started walking, and we had to walk around the Tidal Basin (the Jefferson Memorial), where the wind was wicked! Then after the walk we got something to eat, went and picked up my rental car and headed to dinner. I invited the guy (whom we'll call Tom) to dinner with us, and we had a good time. Then we went to Starbucks and had coffee, and went to Omega DC for a late evening cocktail. All in all we had a good time.

Now for my vices.
Washington DC has turned into "stick boy country". All the boys out there are anorexic and they think it's cute. It's NOT. I would break them in two if anything jumped off; that's how skinny they are. Size 26 jeans are NOT cute when you're an adult. And while I'm on the subject, there were two stick boys that took a cab to Arundel Mills mall. TAKING A CAB TO A MALL - interesting. Here's a pic of the two stick boys...sorry that it's so far away; I was in the car.

See how skinny they are?

Oh but it gets better. Keep in mind that it was FREEZING in DC this past weekend...walking down F street, look at what I saw:

I'm not going to even go there.

Finally, the hotel that we stayed at, the JW Marriott, they need help. When I checked in, I opted to pay cash because I didn't want to have $600+ dollars placed on hold for up to ten days. When I tried to pay cash at the front desk and explained about the frequent holds, the clerk, a Chinese male, said "you used a debit card instead of a credit card". Then he proceeds to tell me that they still need a credit card ANYWAY....WTF? Why are you attempting to force me to use a credit card instead of me paying with cash? Needless to say that after talking with the front desk manager, I got one night free.

End Transmission.

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Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - you know you have to put a credit card down for incidentals.

I'm glad the walk turned out okay.

Hand warmers? I need some of those for this crazy ass Chicago weather.