2008 Comes To A Close

As we near the end of 2008, I find myself reflecting over the past year. This year was one of new beginnings, closing of some chapters, and a lot of change. This year brought a new job by the grace of God, the end of a relationship, and the beginning of another. It also brought a lot of challenges, and a lot of new opportunities. It also brought a cruise to Key West and Cozumel and a proposal, and some drama from the Devil.

But most of all, it brought the peace and understanding of God. That is what I am most grateful for.

Now, to recap on some of 2008:

* Cruise to Key West and Cozumel: This cruise brought myself and several people together from my church aboard the Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship (Royal Caribbean). This trip was not without drama; click the link above to see what I'm talking about. But it also brought a wonderful event; my proposing to my partner Chris and asking him to be my life partner. (He said yes, by the way.)

* The election: America's first African-American was elected to the office of President of the United States. Barack Obama, a junior senator from Illinois that quickly showed that he is more than a senator, rose quickly in the eyes of the Democratic Party -- and the nation -- as people turned out in record numbers to vote for Barack. (I won't mention his competor's name, but let's just say that his competition turned on themselves after the election.)

* Frustrations: Several times this past year I was completely frustrated with individuals that decided to walk away from me because of my status or because of photographs capturing me at certain events. I'm actually happy that those individuals are out of my life because I've been made into a better person because of it.

* Chris: This is why I've been made into a better person because of a very attractive, stable, silly and sensible person in DC named Chris, the man I intend to exchange vows with on June 2, 2009. Well, this isn't the only reason why I've been made into a better person; God gets the entire credit for that.

* The new job: Need I say more about this? God came through big time and gave me the blessing of this job, a job which I love with people that I truly gel with.

Well, those are the highlights of 2008. As we prepare to end this particular chapter and proceed to the next, may you all be blessed, be kept, and be safe as you all pray out the old-pray in the new, party, or in some cases (including mine), do both.

End Transmission.

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Cocoa Rican said...

Isn't it something...HE might not be there when you want him, but he's always there on time. :)
Happy New Year!