Forced to give up some booty? You decide.

Folks, I need your help here.

I have an associate (I won't be naming names here) that is really liking an individual and the individual is liking him. They hang out together, watch movies together, have a good time.

Only one problem: my associate is a top and the person he likes is a top, although he (the person my associate likes) has admitted that he's bottomed every so often, although it's not his thing. My associate doesn't like to be on the bottom either.

He disclosed to me yesterday that on instant messenger he asked the guy what he would do if he never bottomed for him. The guys reply was "well i'd tell u if u don't that's fine. I like i care about u, but ima get it from somewhere else. If we r really serious with each other at the time u woulda given up some ass already...it would be stupid 4 me 2 get with someone that wasn't willin to cater to my needs...for now i'm good on the ass thing, we still getting to know each other."

That was yesterday. Today my associate tells me that he says that "sex is secondary to me. i wouldn't cheat, that's not who i am...i was in a relationship like that. me and dude were in love, months had gone by he got ass from me but he didn't give it. but we definitely came to a compromise...he suggested a 3some every so often but he gave me some ass."

Knowing that my associate will probably not give up the booty, what should he do? Count his losses and walk away? Stay in it with the hopes that this guy can change?

Please, leave a comment, I'd appreciate it.


Cocoa Rican said...

Sexual incompatability is a MAJOR issue in any relationship. If your partner can't/won't satisfy your needs the chances are increased for infidelity (assuming that fidelity is a parameter in the relationship). All said, it is best to recognize that if you're not sexually compatible, it may be best to nurture a close friendship rather than a romantic relationship. The pressure of feeling that you don't want to give what your partner wants most will cause overwhelming tension.

ponoono said...

tell your associate to run not walk to the nearest exit...

"If we r really serious with each other at the time u woulda given up some ass already.."

oh really now?

bottoms play bottom because they either really enjoy the physical pleasure of getting dicked down, or they enjoy simply being submissive to a dominant male..

dominant tops.. however.... insist on fucking their boys ass because it means they are DOMINANT in the relationship.. this guy seems to feel that if your friend wont bend over for him... won't play submissive.. the relationship wont work.

he is right. this relationship will never work because it does not appear to be based on respect.

JACK said...

Seriously? This is a dilemma? The way I see it, your friend keeps it moving in MY book.

The man done already said he'd find ass somewhere else - if your boy is set on not giving up the ass ... then he's got his own decision to make: stay with someone who is fucking other people or find someone else.

Cocoa ... stop being so damn proper! lol dique "parameter in the relationship"