What the #$%^ does my past have to do with ANYTHING?

Recently I had an experience with one individual named Michael. We were on the phone talking a couple of nights ago when he told me that he wanted me to "admit that I'm not the person I once was", attempting to bring up what I've done in the past.

Now, a long time ago yes I was a bad boy. But we're talking...oh...FIFTEEN YEARS AGO? However, some people with absolutely no life to live (you know, the ones living in their mother's basements, househopping, hustling to try and get to Manscountry or Jackson Park...those people) continue to spread rumors that I am that same person.

- I lived with my mother
- I was ONLY 16
- I didn't know what common sense was

And I'm what....THIRTY-ONE NOW?
- I have my own place
- I have a very good job
- I don't take b.s. lightly

When I told him that I would not do that because the past is irrelevant to the here-and-now and one should not be judged based on what happened IN THE LAST DECADE, he wasn't buying it. It turned into an argument, to which end I hung up, ending said stupid half-assed argument. He proceeds to call multiple times last night, but thank God for Caller ID and voicemail!

This morning he decides he wants to call me...ON MY WAY TO WORK. That is absolutely the WRONG TIME to bother me with some stupid mess. Long story short, he wants to lie and say that he's not judging me, that what other people have to say do not influence his decisions, and that he's too "mature" for this.

Well Michael, if you were so mature (and by the way, he's FORTY-FOUR YEARS OLD), then you wouldn't act as if you were sixteen again. Below is my response (the last one I'll ever send) to him:
Honestly, I don't appreciate our conversation last night. I don't feel that a person should be judged on his past & that's what you're doing. You're taking what people have told you about my PAST and trying to judge me based on that. Why should I have to declare anything about my past? This ain't a job interview! So I think it would be best if we NOT see each other [referring to tonight's TPAN party...more in a seperate entry] and I let you go back to those f___ and hang with them since they claim to have your best interests at heart, when they really want you to be as miserable as they are. Finally, you judge an individual based on the PRESENT and NOT THE PAST. It is irrelevant to the here-and-now. You take care of yourself and be sure to tell your "friends" that they won.

He then was blocked at the BlackBerry firewall.

End Transmission.


Jacqueline said...

Wow I agree people shouldn't focus on your past. Focus on the future and all what it brings. You people hate to see you do well and I'm very proud of you because we both know we overcame some obstacles in our lifetime keep doing what you doing and I wish you all the best in your success and stay away from haters. They will bring you down and you are much better than that.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. There will ALWAYS be haters, no matter what you do. Continue to pass the haters on the side of the road.

JACK said...

I agree with the sentiment and title of your post ... but I think you gave him ENTIRELY too much of your time. That last message you sent? Too much.

"This conversation is infantile and I'm not entertaining it anymore."

Short, sweet to the point. Hopefully, you vented it all out in this post and that was it.

Darius T. Williams said...