Let's Start The New Year With People That Are On Bulls**t!

Happy 2009 to everyone! Hopefully this year brings joy, peace and prosperity to one and all. Let's begin.....

Recently, an individual named Cory made my list of individuals that are on b.s. You know how there are individuals that act as if they are on top of the world, and actually believe their lies? Well, here's a prime example:

When we first met, he told me that he was a model, had a house in Los Angeles and all of this money....but he lives with his family in the southern suburbs, and just this past weekend I ended up paying for breakfast and dinner (to his defense he tells me that his "wallet" was in the "glove compartment" of his "car" which he suddenly had to put in the shop the day before - but when I asked him about it he told me that his "uncle" had to get the "wallet" for him). You have all this money and don't carry emergency cash? Good thing I had a rental car!

Then this evening I looked like a fool waiting in my lobby for him to arrive off of the train so we could chill out, but no calls and no text...and then when I called him, he TURNED HIS PHONE OFF! I finally got in contact with him an hour later, and this is what he told me:

- He fell asleep and missed his stop.
- He was getting off the train and dropped his phone in the snow.
- He threw up all over himself.
- His phone froze up and he had to turn it off to get it to work.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe him. My gut and my feelings are telling me that this child is full of manure. In the time from waking up and getting off the train, a text could have been sent. I've always said, it only takes TEN SECONDS to send a text message. Needless to say, this little boy will not be making it to the bonus round.

Moving on to the second individual of 2009 that is pretty much a queen.....I was on the Red Line a few nights back and these two feminine boys got on the train. One was a total hot mess, and the other kept eyeing me all the way from Lake/State to Chicago/State, when I asked him "is that your friend?" He said "yeah". I said "that's what's up". If you are on the train with your boyfriend, DO NOT START EYE-HUMPING OTHER MEN! And yes, I took a picture of the eye-humper:

I couldn't get a photo of his friend because I couldn't get a good angle. He got off at North Avenue, while his friend got off at Belmont.

GOOD STUFF.....Chris' birthday is coming up next Saturday, and I plan to go out to DC on his birthday to celebrate it with him. I got him a few presents, none of which I'll describe on here because I know he reads my blog now. :-) Barack Obama will become the next president in just about 7 days from now, and everyone is excited! Everyone, except those individuals still stuck on the Monday before election day, when McCain was still in the running.

End Transmission.

End Transmission.


Darius T. Williams said...

Lord, what kinda stuff do you keep getting yourself into?

Harold Gibson said...

Man your friend Cory sounds so much like a cat I know. If it is the same guy. Be very careful.

Anonymous said...


I'm mad you're Mr. Paparazzi, putting people on blast.

We talked about that foolishness so you already know my thoughts on that one.

Hope you're having fun in DC.