CTA Bus Incident with Chicago Police 02 13 09, 10:14pm

On February 13, a Chicago Police officer was called to remove a person from a bus that was intoxicated and did not pay his fare. The individual was non-compliant and the officer had to use force to remove him.

Some individuals (including the individual that shot this particular video) think that the officer should be disciplined. I absolutely do NOT agree with that.

The Chicago Police is not a social club. It is not a customer service organization. It is a LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY. The sworn men and women are charged with upholding the laws and keeping public order. Last I checked, not paying bus fare WAS A CRIME. Being non-compliant towards an officer IS A CRIME.

I stand behind the officer and what he did, because if the cop had backed down and not removed this guy from the bus, it would give fair game for anyone else wanting to break the law. Besides, what was the officer supposed to do, BEG THE GUY TO GET OFF?

See the video for yourself and let me know what you think. I ask that you NOT pay attention to the commentary in the video as it is biased, and I would like for you to form your own opinion.

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Ming Dynasty said...

Being from Chicago all my life and dealing with Drunk, dopefiend, assholes on and off the bus...I'm glad the police yoked him up. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and just when you think a person IS NOT on some bullshit you get stabbed, shot, punched, robbed and killed.

For the CTA to call the police in the first place he had to been starting shit...not paying a fare could not have been the only reason the police were called - CTA drivers have tough skin and see it all! So, I know dude was on some shit.

With all that being said - the police was a tad excess because the drunk didn't swing first. It did seem as if the cop was itching for a fight. But, the guy was going in his pockets repeatedly which is a no no when dealing with the police.

Overall - This was mild.

Darius T. Williams said...

OMG - this is horrible. The officer had no right to do that - none whatsoever. It's about serving and protecting. Calling this dude out of his name, slamming his head against, and cussing at him is NOT the type of officer I want to serve and protect me. The officer was wrong in so many ways.

Will said...

I don't know. I could see both sides of it. I think the officer was a little extreme. But old dude was a little surly and aggressive to the officer. I would weigh on the side of the officer if I were the judge hearing the case - and I'm one who is generally hard on officers and hold them to a high standard. I support the officer in this case.

deonte' k said...

I read what u wrote b4 actually watching the video, and I was like Ok.. maybe I will find some way to kinda understand why I cop would hit someone or whatever the case may be.... but after viewing it... I disagree with what the cop did. I did I see the guy hit him 1st or attempt to. I think it's certain procedures that comes with this job. No he wasn't supposed to back down, but he should have waited for backup 1st. And he didn't try to arrest him 1st. He hit him 1st! and that's where the cop went wrong. He should have tried to arrest him 1st, then if the guy got out of hand then maybe I would have understood his position a little better. Yes the guy was an a** hole, and should have paid his fair. and got off the bus even... But dang!!

ponoono said...

"Get the fuck off the bus" is pretty clear English right? The man was refusing to obey lawful instructions and then resisted arrest. Case closed.