Scarlet Bar

Scarlet Bar, located on the northside of Chicago in Boystown and opened in November of 2007 in the former Gentry location, was decimated by fire on last Friday. There were two floors of apartments over the bar which also were, in effect, destroyed. As a result, the entire staff of Scarlet Bar has lost their jobs. In addition to the bar being lost, five individuals (including one of the bartenders from the Lucky Horseshoe bar living in the building) escaped unharmed, but lost everything.

According to the Chicago Fire Department via ChicagoPride.com, there is a "high probability" that the building will not be salvageable.

There is an emergency benefit being held tomorrow (Monday, March 2) at Cocktail, located at the corner of Roscoe and Halsted streets. One half of all of the sales made between 7:00pm and 9:00pm will go towards the individuals displaced and the Scarlet Bar staff that lost their jobs. I implore you, if you are able, please come out and support this event. Always remember, it could've been you.

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