"Help the Homeless today......"

I saw something today that really made my hair stand on end.

Downtown on Madison between Wells and Franklin, there is this guy that claims to be homeless that will stand in the middle of the sidewalk, halfway hunched over, wobbling all over the sidewalk, saying "help the homeless today....please can you spare any change....help the homeless today....." and sometimes will say "happy (whatever the day of the week is)...help the homeless today.....".

When I first saw him I gave him the benefit of the doubt....UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON.

I was returning from lunch with two friends, and saw him in his usual position mid-block. A guy walks out of the chinese restaurant and gives him some food. Kind gesture, right? I mean you're out here claiming you're hungry and homeless, right?

The "homeless" guy starts walking backwards, watching the guy walk away (the "hump" in his back suddenly disappears and he can walk normally now) still sprouting his "help the homeless" line...


When I saw that, my mouth just dropped, and I went off. You're down here acting like you're homeless, and for what? To get money for what? If you didn't want the food, just tell the guy "no thank you", but DON'T take a handout and then throw it away like that! Stop acting like you're homeless and in need, when it's obvious you're not!

And while we're on the subject of people not in need.....there is a lady that stands in front of the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan at Washington every day at going-home time, asking people for fifty cents. Then the Pace Bus pulls up, she hops on and off she goes. This is an EVERY DAY THING. (And for the record, no I haven't given her any money.)

I understand that times are hard and all, but seeing people like this makes me absolutely SICK TO MY STOMACH. Scam artists are everywhere people. If you're in downtown Chicago, do not give to the people asking for change. Seriously.

And a further note, if that guy is still on the street when I leave work today, I promise to take a picture of him and post it on here so you all can see what a true scam artist looks like.

End Transmission.

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T-Baby said...

There is a lady who is always outside the grocery store that I shop at begging for money then the other day I heard her telling someone that she was selling AVON!!!! Give me a break!