UPDATE: Fatal Accident on DC Metrorail System (last update 12:08pm)


The death toll has now risen to nine. And of course the finger-pointing has started. Some people are pointing to the computerized system, some are pointing to the operator (whom did not survive, by the way). The NTSB has already said that the trains that rear-ended the first train should have been replaced years ago, and did not contain data recorders.

On a personal note, Chris and I know several people that travel that particular line daily. All but one has been accounted for. Please continue to pray for all of the individuals touched and affected by yesterday's tragedy.

(Update: 12:08pm)

The one individual that we could not account for has been found. He was on the train that was involved in the accident last night. As of now he is in the hospital with a broken arm and a concussion.

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